Meet the 2022 BEVY Volunteer Awards Nominees

Jerry Chou


This is Jerry’s first year as a volunteer. He volunteered for three events! He is a selfless individual, always working hard putting others first, while providing excellent customer service! A true volunteer sport!

Dianne Wallace 

dianne wallace

Dianne is always willing to help out wherever and whenever. She doesn’t hesitate to step in when she sees that someone needs help. She has been professional to all guests and staff, and makes sure to be engaged with everyone she interacts with! Dianne is a great ambassador to the festival!

Ulrich Erickson


Being nominated a few times, Ulric is probably a familiar face for most of you as he has been an all day operations crew member for ALL of our events. He has been described as having a great attitude, creating a welcoming environment, dependable, reliable, and always a friendly face.

Russell Brooks 

(no photo available)

As a first time volunteer, Russell has unselfishly devoted his time and energy to the Cherry Blossom Festival this year. He worked as operations, our customer service doggy support, keeping our lovely Cherry Blossom Trees safe, and held 2 ropes for the entirety of the parade.

Nike Alade 


Nike is a member of our Event Execution Committee (EEC), and has been an extroidary help to all of our events – it is no surprise she has been nominated numerous times. Nike stepped up at Parade and Petalpalooza as an operations leader and Pink Tie Dinner Party as our Manager.

Melissa Chin 

melissa chin

Michele is passionate about the NCBF. She demonstrates her dedication to the organization by recruiting friends and family to volunteer, and serving at every opportunity. She enthusiastically shares her passion with visitors to the venues, providing accurate information and photo ops. She shows initiative in assisting staff with physical tasks, and shares her experiences on NCBF’s social media platforms. It’s not unusual for Michele to bring freshly baked goodies for the staff and volunteers to enjoy.

Michelle Brooks 

michelle brooks

Michelle was very dedicated and determined to helping others. Michelle was very organized, and punctual. Michelle was present during inclimate weather displaying her commitment to the NCBF. Michelle has very positive, and upbeat personality that helped consumers feel welcomed while appreciated at the same. Michelle also came in to help during days she was not scheduled to help in anyway possible.

Michael McCleary 


Michael was very professional and informative in his approach to help others. Michael has a very welcoming personality that attracts everyone he encounters. Michael knows DC very well, he was very helpful while giving directions and helping tourists navigate the Tidal Basin. It was a pleasure to have Michael’s presence during our time together at the tidal basin.

Kashvi Ramani 


Directed all parade entries (vehicles and walkers) off the parade route at the end so they do not stop on the route causing a backup. Also stepped up and helped with prop coordinator in collections, as that team was short staffed.

Josh Strenger

Josh Strenger.jpeg

Josh is no stranger to the Festival having been a volunteer for many years.  Each year he takes on more responsibility.  This year in addition to his role as Operations Manager at Petalpalooza he volunteered at Pink Tie Party, Opening Ceremony, and was a Balloon Manager at Parade.  When asked to volunteer at these additional events he enthusiastically agreed.  His dedication is unmatched, and his can-do attitude greatly appreciated.

Diana Nichols 

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Diana Nichols (pictured on the right) has volunteered with the festival for 20 something odd years – so we are sure you have seen her around. JUST this year she had shifts at Tidal Basin, Petalpalooza, Blossom Kite Festival, Pink Tie Dinner Party, and Paws & Petals Yappy Hour – all in addition to coming into our office on a monthly basis to help us out! Thanks Diana for all you do 🙂

2022 Blossom Kite Festival Overview

Volunteering with us a Blossom Kite Festival on Saturday, March 26, 2022? Here is everything you need to know!

Uniform: Jeans, Closed-toed shoes, Layer for the weather. If you have volunteered with us before please wear your shirt, otherwise you will be given a T-shirt when you check-in. Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses! (Please remember you Volunteer shirt must be on the outermost layer) There isn’t any place to store your possessions so please just bring what you need.

Check-In Location: Please check in at the Festival Operations Tent located on the Washington Monument Grounds. Use 15th Street NW and Constitution Ave. NW for reference. (see map below)

Health & Safety Protocols:

Proof of Vaccination Required- At check-in you will be asked to show your proof of COVID-19 vaccination.  Acceptable proofs of vaccination include: 

                o A CDC issued vaccination card (original physical copy, photocopy, or digital copy/photo)               o Record of immunization from a healthcare provider or public health authority

                o A COVID-19 verification app (e.g., VaxYes, Clear, Excelsior, MyIR)

                o World Health Organization Vaccination Record

Masking: Staff and volunteers are required to wear a mask onsite at all indoor events. Masking is also required at outdoor events where social distancing isn’t possible. The masks worn by staff or volunteers may be the Festival-provided cherry blossom mask or a surgical-grade mask. For surgical grade masks (e.g., n95, kn95, etc.), bright pink or black masks are encouraged to align with branding. Exceptions to mask wearing are permissible while eating and drinking.

Lunch: For volunteers who have signed up for both shifts lunch will be provided. We will have water and snacks available for all volunteers.

Training: Did you miss volunteer orientation? No worries! You will be provided with all he instruction you need on site. You can also review the presentation by clicking here.

Transportation: We STRONGLY recommend Metro train transit on that day. Citywide events are taking place all day that include several road closures that will make driving extremely challenging throughout the Washington, DC area.

From Virginia:

o Huntington
o Franconia/Springfield
o Vienna
o Wiehle/Reston

From Maryland:
o Shady Grove
o Branch Ave
o Largo
o New Carrollton
o Glenmont

ALL DAY: These stations are recommended for avoiding city-wide morning road closures:
L’Enfant Plaza (Blue/Yellow/ Green/Orange/Silver lines): Be sure to pick up your National Cherry Blossom Festival SmarTrip Card, available now at this station and Navy Yard through the duration of the Festival!

Walking Directions to Blossom Kite Festival (Washington Monument Grounds)

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