Meet the EEC: Hospitality Sector!

This week we are introducing our wonderful Hospitality leaders of the Event Execution Committee!

This team welcomes our special guests coming to Washington, DC from around the region, country, and world, and of course our Volunteers. They are responsible for planning Volunteer Social Events, and for assisting with the planning and staffing of various VIP areas.

Their overall goal is to plan and execute social events for NCBF Volunteers. Additionally, they also have the responsibility to assist with recruiting, placement, and management of volunteers in hospitality areas.

Ashley Walker:

Why do you volunteer?

  • “I love the Cherry Blossom festival and my Spring Time Friends! The main reason I volunteer is because of the amazing people I get to work with and the amazing opportunities the festival has offered me. You get to meet people from all over the US and share the festival with them!”

What do you hope to get out of the EEC?

  • “I hope that the EEC creates a positive atmosphere for all volunteers and sponsors. I want people to keep coming back year after year. I also hope that people realize there are other options to get more involved (if they want to) with the festival. The EEC is an awesome group of people who share a passion for the Cherry Blossom festival who have become my Spring Time friends.”

Katie Garland:

Why do You Volunteer?

  • “I volunteer each year because I love the people and community I have created each spring. Every new year, I always look forward to catching up with my cherry blossom friends. I also enjoy all the festival activities and try to make it a goal to try one new thing. It amazes me after so many years, there are still so many new things to try.”

What’s a Fun Fact about you?

  • “I have played the koto for over 8 years and got to perform with the Washington Toho Koto Society for 4 years. The koto is the national instrument of Japan. It is a stringed instrument made from wood and strung with 13 strings that you pluck with three finger picks on your thumb, index finger, and middle finger.”

Jenny Nguyen:

Why do you volunteer?

  • “I love being able to give back to the community as there are many people who have helped me get to where I am at today. Being able to make a difference in the lives of others is truly rewarding, especially being able to see the joy and smiles on their faces. I also enjoy meeting others and getting the chance to become more connected with my community. Volunteering with the NCBF is truly unique because you get to see people from all over the U.S. come together to celebrate our relationship with Japan.”

What is your most memorable moment or memory from the past festivals?

  • “My favorite memory is getting to meet everyone who makes the NCBF a huge success. I was new to the D.C. area last year so I was a bit hesitant to volunteer with the festival since I knew no one, but everyone was so fun and welcoming and I felt as though I had been a part of the festival for years”

Hope Cousin:

Why do you Volunteer?

  • “As a recently relocated resident to DC (May 2016), it was and remains important to me to network with Washingtonians and learn some of the traditions of DC. Cherry Blossom popped up often, so wanted to learn what it was all about. Once I had, I fell in love with it.”

What do you hope to gain through your experience in the EEC?

  • “I’m hoping to continue to expand my network and help to elevate the Cherry Blossom Festival to the next level. It’s refreshing to volunteer for something that makes you smile vs. something that brings you down or is bittersweet.”

These members will be working their hardest to make sure YOU as volunteers have a great experience with the Festival! Make sure to have a chat with them this Festival season!

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  2. Submission due Tuesday, March 3rd through Wednesday, March 11th at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  3. One winner will be selected at random on March 12th. The winner will be announced during the remarks at Volunteer Orientation on Thursday, March 12th. The winner does not need to be present at the event to collect the prize.
  4. The winner’s Why I Volunteer submission will be featured in the March 17th newsletter.

**Note: Volunteers who have previously submitted a “Why I Volunteer” submission are not eligible for this raffle. We thank you for your previous submission.

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