Volunteer Role of the Week: Union Station Merchandise Kiosk

Let’s have a look at the Union Station Merchandise Kiosk shift this week!

Union Station Store 2Union Station Kiosk

National Cherry Blossom Festival official merchandise is sold every year at our Merchandise Kiosk on the Union Station. There are lots of festival-related items to sell and volunteers will have an opportunity to access every festival item in the kiosk.

Union Station Store

Volunteers will see what goes into preparing sales of official Festival Merchandise from start to finish. The role includes assisting tourists with selecting the perfect National Cherry Blossom Festival keepsake, kindly sharing directions and National Cherry Blossom Festival information with visitors, and assisting with organization and restocking of merchandise as needed.

This is not only a role of selling merchandise, but also educating tourists about our nationally-renowned annual Festival!


2017-NCBF-Union StationVolunteers will work with Dyane and the rest of the super fun Union Station team, who always make the work exciting and interesting.

There are only 2 volunteers scheduled at a time for the kiosk, not a crowded shift and it’s even indoors!  Volunteers always enjoy and have fun!

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