Volunteer T-shirts Do’s & Don’ts


Volunteer Uniforms: 

The Festival uniform is the long-sleeved green National Cherry Blossom Festival Volunteer T-shirt, appropriate long pants and close-toed shoes.

Specific events have different uniforms:

  • Parade: long black pants, comfortable close-toed shoes, Parade Volunteer T-Shirt
  • Pink Tie Party: all black suit or dress, Festival-provided pink scarf/tie
  • Opening Ceremony: white shirt, black pants/shoes, black jacket, Festival-provided pink scarf/tie

T-shirt will be giving to you at the first event you volunteer for; do not forget them for your shift(s) thereafter. No additional t-shirts will be distributed.  IF YOU ARE A RETURNING VOLUNTEER: Please arrive in your volunteer T-shirt from previous years.

The volunteer t-shirt must always be your outermost layer, so that you are easily identifiable to guests and staff.  No articles of clothing should be worn that would be considered profane or suggestive, or that advertise alcohol, drugs and/or illegal information. We are a family Festival!

Bring only the bare necessities; limit personal items to what you can keep on your body – secure storage is not available at any of our event sites!

Items to remember: NCBF Volunteer t-shirt, rain gear, sunglasses, and sunscreen if applicable.

17952441_10106461262450102_900562522374177274_nCheck out the Volunteer Handbook for Festival information and to prepare for your shift!

Updated: 02-06-18

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