The National Cherry Blossom Festival Volunteer Pin Program

Did you know the National Cherry Blossom Festival is honoring returning volunteers from 2016?

All 2016 Festival Volunteers will receive the 2016 National Cherry Blossom Festival Commemorative Pin to commemorate your season of service with us! Feel free to display them proudly onsite at your 2017 shifts and collect them through the coming years! 

2017-NCBF-Commemorative Pin-Picture

The 2016 Pins can be retrieved at Blossom Kite Festival and Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival. See an EEC Member for more details. 

Volunteer Job of the Week: Health & Fitness Expo!

This week, we explore the Health & Fitness Expo: Merchandise at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!

Volunteers will enjoy helping customers select the perfect festival merchandise as a token of their visit to Washington DC while attending the Health and Fitness Expo for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!


National Building Museum
401 F St. NW
Washington, DC 20001

Sign up on the VOLUNTEER CALENDAR for

March 31 & April 1!


Volunteer Job of the Week: Youth Art Contest!

This week, we explore the Youth Art Contest: Art Installation! 

Calling all art lovers and careful hands!!

Have an eye for art? Maybe have a background in Gallery work? Just enjoy looking at impressive art created by local youth? We need your help! 

Each year, The National Cherry Blossom Festival and DC Arts & Humanities Education Collaborative invite students from DC public and public charter schools in grades K through 12 to participate in the Youth Art Contest!  All art pieces are judged by a panel, and winners are selected in age-specific categories. These art pieces are hung in the Pepco Edison Place Gallery at the Community Art Show from March 24 – April 9.

Sign up on the VOLUNTEER CALENDAR for March 22!

Volunteer Job of the Week: Fireworks Ops Crew for Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival!

This week, we explore the Fireworks Ops Crew!

The Fireworks Festival is a huge, AWESOME, outdoor event complete with 2 stages, a beer garden, food truck rally, water programming, and a grand Fireworks Finale!  It is a big event and we need lots of help for the day and night shifts!  The Ops Crew is a team of people who can walk the event site and help fix any problems that arise during the event. They’re our problem solvers and the “hands” of the event!


Sign up on the VOLUNTEER CALENDAR for April 15!

Orientation Presentations Available Online!

Couldn’t make 2017 National Cherry Blossom Festival Volunteer Orientation? Came to Orientation (thank you!!) but would love to review the presentations again to be as informed as possible?

Well you’re in luck! We have the following presentations available:


View all presentations via this google drive link HERE 

Volunteer Job of the Week: Parade Logistics

This week, we explore the Parade Logistics Team!

A parade is fun but there is SO much planning on the front end.   Is it a good idea to put a bunch of horses next to a practicing brass band?  Probably not.  And what happens to all the buses that drop off the marching bands?  If these questions pique your interest, this is where you need to be!  This is a position for someone who likes staying busy and get the job done.  It will be active and exciting, a little stressful but very rewarding.  

Sign up on the VOLUNTEER CALENDAR for April 8th!

Meet Your EEC vol. 3: MIKE AULDRIDGE

See what we learned from Event Execution Committee Member, Mike Auldridge:hi-res headshot from J Shryock 01.jpg


Why did you want to join the EEC?

In the Spring of 2012 I responded to an advertisement/call for help that was broadcast on the WTOP radio station.  I came downtown, spent a few hours stuffing gift bags with several other volunteers, asked if there was more I could do (there wasn’t, since most jobs were already filled), but went home thinking I could do more the next year.   That proved to be true !

I’ve enjoyed working with the NCBF folks, trying to make events run as smoothly as possible, so thought this might be a way to further that.


What is a fun fact about you?   

I’ve managed to accumulate more cars than there are days of the week !

What is your favorite part about being a National Cherry Blossom Festival Volunteer?

Believing that what I do helps the program(s) run more smoothly (even if just a tiny bit!) than if i didn’t volunteer.


What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering with the National Cherry Blossom Festival? Any words of wisdom?         

Definitely don’t be shy about participating; there’s always something to do, and the folks are fun !


What do you do when you’re not volunteering with the National Cherry Blossom Festival?

Being retired allows me to basically do whatever I wish to (well, within reason of course 🙂  )


What’s your favorite National Cherry Blossom Festival Memory?

Watching the sun rise over the Mall on Parade Day morning.

parade balloons 4
Sunrise on the National Mall


Volunteer T-shirts Do’s & Don’ts


Volunteer Uniforms: 

The Festival uniform is the long-sleeved green National Cherry Blossom Festival Volunteer T-shirt, appropriate long pants and close-toed shoes.

Specific events have different uniforms:

  • Parade: long black pants, comfortable close-toed shoes, Parade Volunteer T-Shirt
  • Pink Tie Party: all black suit or dress, Festival-provided pink scarf/tie
  • Opening Ceremony: white shirt, black pants/shoes, black jacket, Festival-provided pink scarf/tie

T-shirt will be giving to you at the first event you volunteer for; do not forget them for your shift(s) thereafter. No additional t-shirts will be distributed.  IF YOU ARE A RETURNING VOLUNTEER: Please arrive in your volunteer T-shirt from previous years.

The volunteer t-shirt must always be your outermost layer, so that you are easily identifiable to guests and staff.  No articles of clothing should be worn that would be considered profane or suggestive, or that advertise alcohol, drugs and/or illegal information. We are a family Festival!

Bring only the bare necessities; limit personal items to what you can keep on your body – secure storage is not available at any of our event sites!

Items to remember: NCBF Volunteer t-shirt, rain gear, sunglasses, and sunscreen if applicable.

17952441_10106461262450102_900562522374177274_nCheck out the Volunteer Handbook for Festival information and to prepare for your shift!

Updated: 02-06-18

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