Time to Mascot Around!


Mascots are so much fun! 
Kids love them, adults love them 

and we love them

We are now actively seeking fun and enthusiastic mascots to represent the Festival spirit at Family Days (3/22 & 23).


Only two mascot positions are available so sign up before someone else does!  But be sure to check out the position description first.  The key to being an amazing mascot is an animated and fun-loving nature. Be ready to goof around and have some fun.
Check out the calendar for details & sign up!


3/15 SATURDAY: Office Help needed from 1-4pm. Please email elissa@downtowndc.org.

3/18 TUESDAY: General Orientation for ALL Volunteers is next week!

  • This is a secure building so don’t forget your ID.  And please RSVP so we can add you to the list!
  • Doors open at 5:30pm, Orientation begins at 6pm.  If you are running late, just come in!  We’ll be going strong until 7:30p.m.
  • In addition to learning about your shift and the events, it’s a great way to meet the folks you will be working with that day.

RSVP for the Orientation here.

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