Seeking Lead Volunteer for the Tidal Basin

 100_0578 stage

tidal basinWe are currently looking for one AMAZING volunteer that would be willing to manage the Welcome Tent at the Tidal Basin for the duration of the Festival.  The Welcome Tent is open 7 days a week from 10am-7pm from March 22 to April 7.

The Welcome Tent at the Tidal Basin is crucial to the Festival because it is in the area where 1.5 Million visitors pass through to visit the cherry blossom trees.  In the past, the Welcome Tent has provided an assortment of free crafts for kids, post cards to the troops and all the information about the Festival.  The Festival Stage is right next to it with daily performances and a lot of fun.100_0581

If you or someone you know may be available during this 16 day period, please let us know.  We know very few people may be available for this time commitment and need your help to spread the word.  For those of you interested but cannot take on this lead role, 4 hour volunteer shifts will also be available at the Tidal Basin.

Check back next week for new volunteer opportunities!

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