Networking is easy, don’t be scared!

networking artOur first Happy Hour Networking Event of 2014 is tomorrow, Jan. 9th at the Melrose Hotel from 5:30pm-8:30pm.  Don’t miss it!


Networking events may sound intimidating if you have never been to one before.  But our networking group is for VOLUNTEERS; people like you who choose to do something good with their spare time.  What better group of people to end up with when you don’t know anyone?

By nature, people who volunteer are very nice and friendly.  Lots of us are shy but when you know you have something in common, its that much easier to break the ice.  And seriously, most of you will not know anyone else there so if you see someone standing alone, go say hi and don’t leave them hanging.  It will be good for you and they will appreciate it.  Next thing you know, you will be signing up for events together and may end up becoming great friends (like Brit and Julie who met last year at the Pink Tie Party)!

Lillian & Diana julie & brit wine tasting biola+mixer(1)

Another cool thing about a networking event like this is that it is very easy to talk to anyone.  The whole point of it is to meet new people and its therefore totally appropriate to walk up to a random stranger and introduce yourself.  You can walk up to anyone, say hi, and ask any interesting question you feel like.  I would recommend not asking anything too personal but maybe see if the person has volunteered before, what events they are interested in and perhaps you’ll end up teaming up together at the next shift.

And here is the last reason why our mixer is ideal for new networkers.  I am there!  And I don’t mean that in a vain way.  I mean that if you find yourself alone and feeling awkward with no one to talk to, come find me.  I promise I will not leave you hanging though I may introduce you to someone new.  I’d post my headshot but since I rarely look like that,  [sadly] here are some more realistic picture of me from previous networking events.

dino ruby Cherry Blossom Fest 2013 Volunteers (2)

In the interest of introducing you to some more friends, please meet Syreeta next to me in the group shot, Rigo, Kip is the tall one in the middle, Phyllis, Walter and Christina.  Hopefully they all come and then you will know even more people.

So come out tomorrow, don’t be shy and meet some new friends!

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