Season of Thanks

Volunteer Thanksgiving

Greetings Volunteers,

During this season of thanks, I cannot help but think about all of you that have made a difference in my life.  This includes those of you who I have never met!  The fact that you are here, reading this now, means that you are the kind of person that chooses to help others.  It does not matter how you got here, be it for practicum hours or just out of the goodness of your own heart.  You are the kind of person that spends your free time doing something for someone else and that rocks!

I am lucky enough to be part of an organization that brings people like you together and I have met the most amazing people because of it.  I have been inspired, become connected and I am now flat out addicted to being part of this crazy network of folks.  Thank you for being there, for bettering the world we live in and for bringing a smile to my face on this cold and dreary day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

Humbly yours,

your Cherry Blossom Volunteer Coordinator

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